East Ilsley Parish Council aims to ensure that our community continues to be an attractive and safe place in which to live. Read more about Parish Councils.

Meet your Councillors

Carolyne Culver – District Councillor for the Ridgeway Ward

Carolyne is an East Ilsley parish councillor, and district councillor for the Ridgeway ward. She has lived in East Ilsley for 12 years. You can contact her via carolyne.culver1@westberks.gov.uk

Carolyne has released a new report on all her activities which is current for November 2019.  Please have a read of it here: Cllr Culver – Report November 2019.

Brendan McGrath

Brendan has lived in the village since 2014, he loves the village, it’s vibrant community and its ability to get up and go. He is very passionate about our local primary school and it’s continued sustainability.  For work Brendan leads commercial teams within the graduate recruitment and advancement sector as has done this for over 10 years.  Outside of work he enjoys weekends in the countryside with my wife, three daughters and their dog Bentley.

T: 07778800024 E: andrew@sharpstuff.biz
Vice Chairman Andrew Sharp T: 07778800024 E: andrew@sharpstuff.biz
Brendan McGrath T: 07816875914  E: bmg81@icloud.com
Stephen Meadows T:  E: stephen.meadows88@gmail.com
Tracey Murray
Francesca Wilkins
Clerk Fenella Woods T: 07912 565665 E: clerk@eastilsley-pc.gov.uk
Newbury Hill
RG18 0TR
Brendan McGrath Footpaths
Andrew Sharp Traffic
Andrew Sharp Pond
Stephen Meadows Common Field
Brendan McGrath Churchyard & Recreational Ground
Stephen Meadows Allotment Officer
Andrew Sharp Digital Officer
Brendan McGrath Village Design Statement Working Group