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CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) is a charge which can be levied by local authorities on new developments in their area. It is an important tool for local authorities to use to help them deliver the infrastructure needed to support development in their area.

Certain developments in East Ilsley attract CIL money which is distributed down to the Parish Council to help support the residents and the local area.

Throughout the year, we are paid money from West Berkshire Council classified as CIL money and we are able to use this money to help pay for things that would be of benefit to our community.

Under Regulation 59A of the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations (2010) (as amended), West Berkshire Council, as a CIL charging and collecting authority, is required to pass a proportion of CIL receipts to ‘local councils’. The exact proportion is calculated within Regulation 59A of the Regulations as 15% of the receipts for the financial year, capped at £100 per dwelling (plus index linking). This increases to 25% of receipts for any development permitted after a parish or town council has prepared a neighbourhood plan and this has been “made” (adopted) by the local authority.

CIL regulation 121B (formerly 62A) requires us to complete an annual report of our CIL receipts and expenditure, including a breakdown of the items that CIL was expended on. Please click below for our annual CIL Reports:

CIL Report - 2018/19

CIL Report - 2019/20

CIL Report 2020/21