National Day of Reflection - 23rd March 2021

West Berkshire


West Berkshire Council to join country in National Day of Reflection

Tuesday 23 March 2021 marks a year since the nation entered its first lockdown. At 12 noon on this day, West Berkshire Council staff and Councillors will join millions of people across the country to pause for a minute’s silence to remember everyone who has died during the past year, and the people they left behind who are grieving.

The charity Marie Curie instigated this National Day of Reflection, which has been backed by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

Cllr Lynne Doherty, Leader of West Berkshire Council, said:

“On this day our thoughts will be for the people who have sadly died - particularly for those from our own community. We will also think about the people who have suffered a bereavement and are unable to mark the passing of their loved ones in the usual way with friends and family, because of the need to socially distance and the necessary restrictions on gatherings and travel.

“Living with the pandemic has been extremely difficult for us all, regardless of our age or circumstances. Now that we have reached a point where we can slowly and cautiously follow the roadmap out of Lockdown, we reflect on the lives that have been lost and sacrifices that have been made. The National Day of Reflection serves as a reminder to us all to consider how best we can support the people we know who have lost someone close during the most challenging of times that many of us have ever known.”

In addition to the minute’s silence at midday on 23 March, people are invited to join a nationwide “beacon of remembrance” from their own doorsteps, by beaming mobile phones and torches into the night sky, at 8pm.

To find out more about the National Day of Reflection and the various ways to mark it, visit the Marie Curie’s website:

For information on wellbeing initiatives and support for people who are struggling to cope visit the Council’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources on