Message from Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service:

Integrated Risk Management Plan – Strategy Consultation

Royal Berkshire Fire Authority is committed to serving the people of Royal Berkshire and has a legal duty to develop an Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) to identify and assess all foreseeable fire and rescue related risk in its local communities.

Supporting our IRMP are detailed strategies, which set out proposals, based on an underpinning analysis of risk, for how Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service intends to
deliver its services across three main areas of work in the local community – Prevention, Protection and Response.
Royal Berkshire Fire Authority is now consulting on the proposals contained within the Prevention, Protection and Response strategies for 2020-2023. The consultation will run from Monday, 2 March, to Monday, 27 April.

The strategies support the delivery of the Royal Berkshire Fire Authority’s Corporate Plan and Integrated Risk Management Plan 2019-2023, and contain specific proposals on how it intends to target its resources to local community risk. Each of the strategy documents provides a full explanation and rationale for each of the proposals, all of which contribute to Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service being an ever-more efficient, fit-for-purpose and resilient organisation.

As community stakeholders, we would appreciate and value your feedback, as these proposals will shape our strategy in the coming years. Accompanying this letter, we have enclosed a poster that shows how you can get involved. 

The consultation and strategy documents are available on our website (, where you can also find details of how to provide feedback. You
can also email us for further information at

Yours faithfully
IRMP Consultation Team

Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service IRMP Consultation Poster