In December, we were saddened to hear that an innocent jogger was running around East Ilsley and was attacked by a dog being walked off the lead.  The jogger sustained some injuries in a completely unprovoked attack.  

This person is OK and the dog was immediately put back on the lead and although it is not being taken any further we must remind all dog owners the importance of being a responsible dog owner and all that it entails.

Please, ensure you have control over your dog at all times.  Dogs can attack for a number of reasons and it is your responsibility as owner to ensure they are under control at all times.  Consider extra training from a professional company (there are a number of dog trainers in our area offering various courses and training plans) or place a muzzle on your dog when out and about (this is a legal requirement in some countries!).

We are thankful that this attack was not on a child or elderly person where the situation could have been so much worse.  We are very sorry that this person had this happen to them and we have offered them support should they need it.

Please do all you can to keep dogs and people safe in the village, away from stressful situations that could provoke them.

Thank you.

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